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Preparation IWAS World Junior Games 2015 in full swing!


An event like the IWAS Junior Games can not do without financial support from others. The organization is pleased with the consideration and commitment of the municipality and province to realize this event. In addition many parties are important. The Pagedal, also known as Page Center, is one of our important participants. Through cooperation and good pricing it is possible to organize an event like this in Stadskanaal. Obviously several parties and funds are of great importance. Would you like to support this event report this by email:

If necessery we will contact you.

Slowly but surely, the IWAS Junior Games 2015 gets more an more body. Enrollment is ongoing but for so far we are pretty satisfied. This week further agreements will be made about the opening of the Junior Games. This opening will take place on Friday July 3 at the Pagecenter.


The opening is a colorful parade of athletes and their companions guided by a danceschool. All national flags are brought in and the teams are represented by a “host” on behalf of the organization.


On behalf of the mayor and aldermen of Stadskanaal, the athletes and coaches are welcomed and recieve wishes for success. The President of IWAS, Mr. Paul Depace, will also address a welcome speech to the athletes in Stadskanaal.


After these speeches one of the organization members also will say something and then we move on to some formal things like taking the sportoath by an athlete, officials and organization. All this is interspersed with performances of the dance group(s).




Program Sportsweek Stadskanaal:


Thursday 2 juli:

Arriving athletes and companions


Thursdau 2 juli and Friday 3 juli:

Classification athletes .


Friday 3 juli:

From19.00 h: Opening IWAS Junior Games at the  Pagecenter .


Saturday 4 juli:

Nelli Cooman Games and (open) northern Dutch Championships for the youth.


Sunday 5 juli:

Nelli Cooman Games and (open) northern Dutch championships for A / B juniors and seniors. Start first rounds of the IWAS Junior Games.

Demo waterbasketball IWAS Junior Games (pool Pagecenter)

From 16.00 h. The Nelli Cooman Run for charity.


Monday 6 juli:

Athletics IWAS Junior Games (on the track).

Swimming IWAS Junior Games. (pool Pagecenter)


Tuesday 7 juli:

Athletics IWAS Junior Games (on the track). Swimming IWAS Junior Games. (pool Pagecenter). In the evening closing ceremony IWAS Junior Games.


Wednesday July 8:

Check out athletes and their companions to their own country.




Arrival of athletes

The participating athletes to the IWAS Junior Games come on Thursday July 2 to Stadskanaal. Most of them arrive by plane at Schiphol.

From there they are transported by bus to Stadskanaal where they take up residence in the, temporary, IWAS sports hotel Pagecenter.



Almost all he athletes participating in the IWAS Junior Games are being classified.

Classification is a medical examination to determine to which category they may come out for during the games.

Since it’s all about young people (under 23 years) it is for most of the athletes often the first introduction to the international sport. These inspections are carried out by specialist officers designated by the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) from all over the world. Examples: Australia, England and America.



Athletes, coaches and staff for participating at the IWAS Games will move into  ‘Pagecenter’ in Stadskanaal, that will be transformed as a sportvillage during the games. A unique location that can accomodate over 900 athletes and coaches. Meals are also provided by the Pagecenter and therefore a part of the great (tennis)hall is converted into a restaurant.



The managementteam is busy setting up the sport accommodations.

The trackcours and the fields of the SC Stadskanaal will be used for the event. Because of some changes the organization has a big job ahead because more ‘temporary shelters’ must be realized. For athletes and accompanying leaders, the situation in Stadskanaal is unique because you can do everything on foot rather than to make long bus journeys from sleeping place to address the competition field. This makes the situation in Stadskanaal for athletes so enjoyable!



Although the registration period is still running we have entries from 11 countries.Looking at the countries that have shown interest, we believe that there are  still some more countries that will participate.From all over the world they are interested in what is going on in Stadskanaal. It will make Stadskanaal and Pagecentrum a “bit” the sportscenter of the world during the IWAS Junior Games.


The special feature is that the athletes of the future at this event will make their international entrance. Besides the 11 countries that have entered allready, there will be some more countries represented.

We think of South Africa and the UAE but America is not excluded. Ultimately, it will go to about 16 nationalities.



Last week the issues surrounding the protection of both the Nelli Cooman Games and the IWAS Junior Games are solved. SECURITAS will take the overnight security for its account and ensures that there is adequate supervision.

For this they will also be visible present by means of flags and banners. The organization(s) are very pleased with the help of this reputable company!


New Grounds

From 2014 we worked hard for ta school near the track. That means that a lot has changed on the track. The clubhouses from Jahn2 and netball are gone. The changing rooms of the school will now be used. We need to create a completely new layout of the track. Indeed; tents, toilets and other items must be placed. A plan is in preparation and will appear on the site



An event like the IWAS World Junior Games in 2015 can not exist without financial support from outside. The organization is pleased with the consideration and commitment of the municipality and province to realize this event. In addition many parties are important for the success of the event.

Through the cooperation and pricing it is possible to organize an event like this in Stadskanaal.

Naturally, several parties and funds are important.

Would you like to support this event, report it via email:

We will contact you as soon as possible.


Apart from the funding agencies (to whom many thanks) there are sponsors, such as the Wildervanck Fund, the various companies that give as suppliers a major discount, and of course the security Securitas who does it for free. Also, the Pagedal, our central housing section, is a major sponsor to make a great succes of the event.


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