Stadskanaal is situated in the North Eastern part of the Netherlands. It has a  central function in the region and a good connection with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.  Stadskanaal is surrounded by the charactistic landscape of the so called ‘Veenkoloniën’ and is filled with cultural heritage. Stadskanaal is provided with great green zones, parks and we will try to give you the opportunity to discover some of this. The municipality counts over 32.000 inhabitants.




Stadskanaal & sport events

Stadskanaal is sportminded and has a history in organizing events for disabled athletes: From 1995 on yearly were held the Nelli Cooman Games. In 2010 were organized here the IWAS Athletics European Open. The City of Stadskanaal embraces the hosting of major international events; she

was the host of the IPC European Championships in Athletics in June 2012. The municipality hosted approximately 1.000 people in this period. So you may conclude that Stadskanaal has recent experience being a host at a major international championship.


The Netherlands has a typical maritime climate, with cool winters and mild summers, so any time is a good time to visit. Be prepared for blustery and changeable weather. The average daytime temperature in September is 16⁰C.





The delegations (athletes, coaches, attaches) will be accommodated at Pagecentrum, Stadskanaal.

This is a resort with sport accommodations, holiday village, congress centre and several other facilities. Pagecentrum offers multiple bungalows that can accommodate four or more people. There are also a few bigger buildings available. Why is this the ideal accommodation for athletes to stay?


• The bungalows are accessible for wheelchairs

• The accommodation is only 700m from the competition area

• Transport from and to the airport will be arranged by Pagecentrum

• Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included

• Very friendly service






‘Olympic Village’

The many cultures and many people create the atmosphere of a real 'Olympic village'. Athletes from all over the world will come to Stadskanaal to compete in this major international event.

Every evening the victory ceremonies will take place in Pagecentrum. The Olympic village then will be transformed in Medal Plaza. The accommodation in Pagecentrum is excellent for victory ceremonies. They now can take place in a weather independent area.


Dinner will be served in Pagecentrum every evening. All delegations will have their meals there.

The subtropical swimmingpool can be used freely during average openinghours (under probation during competition). Furthermore, Pagecentrum offers fitness and training facilities at attractive costs.






Competition venues

The competitions take place in the direct neighbourhood of the accommodation where the delegations will stay: on the athletics track and field venue in Pagedal. It is situated 700 meter from the accommodation where the delegations stay.

The track consists of synthetic, fully renewed in 2012 for the IPC European Championships. In the sprint there are 8 lanes, and for the rest there 6 lanes for compeititions of 200m and more. All field accommodation meet the international standards.


The athletics competition will be managed by the same crew that was responsible for the IPC Europeans in Athletics last year in Stadskanaal.




The swimming pool is part of the accommodation of the Pagecentrum, a bungalow park with a capacity of over 800 people. The swimming pool consists of 25 meter and is an internationally approved pool. Of course electronic time-keeping is available.

The swimming competition is lead by the local club, that has an interesting track record in organizing major competitions.




Archery will take place on grass areas close to the Pagecentrum. The estimated distance is 500 meters. The competition will be lead by experienced people that have been involved earlier in international competitions.




DGF expects all delegations to enter the Netherlands via Schiphol Airport Amsterdam. From this airport it is approximately 250 kilometers travelling to Stadskanaal. (There is a train connection to Assen Railway Station, and next a bus connection to Stadskanaal). DGF offers to pick up all delegations at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, and bring them in buses of similar transport facilities to Pagecentrum, Stadskanaal. DGF is familiar with the fact  that a lot of delegations will have specific competition equipment (wheelchairs, throwing frames) and is able to transport this as well. The costs for this transport are included in the fee.


It depends on the number of competing athletes and delegation members if all can be accommodated at Pagecentrum Stadsknaal. In case more than 800 delegation members enter, DGF will arrange accommodation near Stadskanaal. Transport from and to this accommodation and the venues in Stadskanaal will be taken care of and will be on account of DGF.


The distance between Pagecentrum and the venues in Stadskanaal is that limited that DGF expects athletes and their staff to walk to the venues. Extra transport for equipment, and people who are not able to walk to the accommodations is available. You can contact Pagecentrum for the costs of this transport.


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