Man or woman, we all have individual possibillities. In education, a teacher will focus on those possibillities and will try to reveal the talents a pupil has. Within the sport that is not self-evident. As a result, not every athlete will be guided to a discipline where he or she could get great results. Also, disabled sporters have an extra restriction: they are often excluded because of their limitations. Not intentional but because the chances are not known.


By offering great games for athletics, and now for multiple sports, our Foundation is a tool to provide a stage for the athletes with limitations.


Through the great events we organize, the able-bodied and disabled athletes get a closer connection and there will be more understanding for the great performances provided by athletes, particularly by those who have a disability.



The mission of the foundation is to promote disabled sport in all its facets.

The foundation achieves its goal by organizing major international sports tournaments. The idea here is ‘from high level sport to sports for all’.

The goal is to organize a major international sport event every two years.

Disability Games Foundation


The Disability Games Foundation is established on March 19, 2010 under the name ‘ IWAS Games’.  The direct cause of this establishment, was the organization of the ‘IWAS Athletics European Open’. After this event, the name of the foundation is changed, because the name ‘IWAS’ is protected. Since July 6, 2011 the foundation is named Disability Games Foundation.

The main objective of the Foundation is organizing (international) sport competitions

for athletes with a physical or mental disability.

Disability Games Foundation


Torenlaan 18a

9401 HR  Assen

The Netherlands


Bank account: 1128.52.211   Rabobank Westerbork

IBAN number:  NL 20 RABO 0112852211


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